Augusto Gil


Augusto Gil, the CEO and Founder of Gil Development, Inc. He has developed tract and luxury homes for over four decades as well as multistory apartment and condominium buildings in Miami-Dade County. His journey in the field of Real Estate development began in 1968 when he fled the tyrant dictatorship of Fidel Castro in his home land of Cuba and as many immigrants that come to this country looking for a better life for their family he quickly went to work in the only trade he knew (construction) very shortly thereafter he joined a team of Partners which gave him the opportunity of a life time. Like every great partnership everyone involved played a key role in its success, Augusto Sr.’s role was to run the daily field operation of multiple ongoing developments throughout South Florida. Their developments were scattered all over, from the City of North Miami to South in Naranjia, East Little Havana to West in Kendall Lakes. The diversity of project types and locations gave him vast knowledge in this field. Fast forward 40 plus years and today Augusto Sr. continues to play an important role in the operations of Gil Development by sharing his thoughts and ideas as well as his intensive experience with the Gil Family board. His on the field involvement is also an incredible help and support to the team. The company looks forward and counts on having Augusto Sr. around for many years to come.